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The graphic designer these days has a range of options which include the creation of sets for television studios and motion areas and environments to simulate an action. The 3D Model Editor will take the designs a step further and implement a system of 3D modeling which can be used to create videos in a 3 dimensional format for various uses.

The 3D Model Editor can also be attached to Photoshop to generate a myriad of images with 3D enhancements and these are not limited to static images. The software has a unique animation tool to further make the rendering move and can use various camera angles and speeds as well.

The 3D Model Editor software is a plug-in for Photoshop but can also be used on other software with the appropriate file extension and codecs. 3D Model Editor is great for enhancing the possibilities of even the most thinly stocked studio.

The Ohmikron 3D Model Editor was designed to improve the speed and efficiency of 3-D graphics artists and to make it easier to import 3D models into new software applications. Unlike conventional three-dimensional modeling packages, the Ohmikron model editor gives you precise control over texture mapping at the time each three-dimensional object is created. Instead of creating a model and then applying a texture to it, you create the model by drawing it directly on the texture. Textures are embedded in saved model files so there is no problem with models getting separated from their textures. You can extract the textures any time and save them to bitmap files, modify and reload them into your model. Multiple geometric mesh objects can be created from a single texture and combined into a three-dimensional model, with any seams quickly and accurately closed. Solids of extrusion and revolution can be quickly created with texture map coordinates automatically applied at the time of creation. Restricted vertex editing allows modification of three-dimensional geometry in situations where vertex selection would otherwise be ambiguous. The Ohmikron model editor is a powerful and easy to use tool for the graphic designer.

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